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       from a  woman who truly knows...       

Throughout my childhood and adolescence I relied on advertising to tell me about my skin. Because my skin is very different from that of my European-American friends and neighbors in Vermont where my family lived, I felt a huge amount of doubt, insecurity and desperation about my skincare routine.

There is no conspiracy against women with skin like mine; however, because people tend to listen to advertising, especially on TV and the internet, they tend to think alike, and for over twenty years I fell victim to the traps set for me by advertisers for big skincare corporations, which put all kinds of bizarre ingredients in their products in order to keep you buying, because if your skin never heals, youll never stop buying their products! Furthermore, when they come out with a new product, they can use tricks to make you believe that the new one will work better than the old one, even with the same ingredients, often including petroleum, dyes, alcohol, and experimental synthetic compounds. 

Because I did not have a guide or mentor to help me care for my skin, I developed a severe case of eczema, which was made worse by an endless sensation of itching, a compulsive reaction. I was completely out of control, and I thought that mass-market products could solve my problem. 

Because I was ashamed of my problem and isolated from other non-European women, I did not know that eczema is a very common problem and that my symptoms, which included hyperpigmentation, making the skin darker by the collection of dead and traumatized skin cells, were a way of the skin trying to repair itself.

Because I have rich dark skin, the disease manifested in rough, hard bumps near follicles.

My eczema case was as severe as they get, and I was embarrassed to go outside or let my family see me. At this advanced level of the disease, practitioners call it lichen simplex chronicus or neurodermatitis, which made my skin like a reptile or a dinosaur: hard, thick, leathery and covered with lines, causing endless itching and rubbing all over my extremities and torso. It was a kind of self-torture, and it put me in the vibration of trauma, a vicious cycle. Practitioners call it neurodermatitis because it means the main problem is located in the brain, and the manner by which the brain gives commands to the body. The brain is the main subject of our research.

I was blessed and lucky only in that I avoided the extreme treatments,

like corticosteroids and antihistamines, including injections and pills.

Nobody deserves to suffer the way I did, but we continue to suffer

because advertisers convince us to spend money we dont have on things we don't need.

I created PVSP Naturals because I have made a personal pledge to myself: young women will no longer suffer the way I did, because they will understand the skincare process I discovered​.

Stay positive,

Mammi-Ama Ofori CEO & Founder

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