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  Our process relies on four stages, which spell out PVSP:

1. POSITIVE - Whereas all mass-market skincare products carried by drug stores tell us to remove something negative from our skin that is causing a disturbance, my process, which cured my eczema and the skin problems of hundreds of clients, relies on unlocking the positive and self-correcting quality of the human skin. In other words, the skin is the largest organ, and it has a kind of freedom that mass-market products stifle by testing bad chemicals on it. In order to cure your skin problems, you must change your viewpoint and the narrative you tell yourself about your skin and your personal care routine. Therefore, our products are one part of the routine you must work with, and they must be paired with intense inner work so that you can unlock the positive traits of your skin, to make your skin work for you finally. You must begin this inner work immediately in order to compensate for the time lost to the psychic damage of mass media advertising techniques.

2. VEDIC - Because this is a challenging and very secret part of the solution, I have a number of materials which will explain it to you in more detail, but here is an introduction: ancient Indian people, like ancient people in other areas, developed and preserved wisdom and knowledge to put the organs of the body back into natural harmony with the brain. They realized a key insight: dis-eases of the body occur in part because an organ, which should be a servant of the brain, becomes rebellious and causes havoc to the person. There are a variety of meditative techniques which are a necessary part of the process of truly holistic skincare which will give you long-term effects and relieve the need to buy any more products or use any harsh remedies. These include visualization and the use of creativity to establish a strict structure of discipline for your skin, and I will serve as your guide, your advisor and your coach.

3. SKINCARE - As we've mentioned earlier about advertising, our society unfortunately constructs ways of fighting fire with fire: giving you a prepackaged solution that includes no true secrets or real testimony, just a flashy image that plays on your fears and anxieties. The key to success is the word Care--you have to develop the inner discipline to become fully responsible for your body, and stop expecting an expert to take responsibility for you.

4. PROCESS - Unlike the mass-market dangerous skincare products, our products require a process of self-discovery and learning in order to create a genuine healing result. You not only apply the product to your skin, but you synchronize your skin with a new way of thinking, so that you can do some detective work on your pain and suffering with your skin in the past, understand what was the root of the problem, and unlock the secrets of the healing properties of our products.

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