PVSP Naturals infuses organic coconut oil with a healing selection of herbs. 

All oils are triple infused by the sun and carefully strained by hand and protected in glass prior to distribution.

Miracle Oil melts at 75 degrees, keep your oil in a cool place to solidify.

PVSP Naturals organic eucalyps​​​​​​tus coconut oil, organic essential oils of rosemary, tulsi, chamomile and lavender. 

PVSP Naturals Treatment Guide

Published by Ama Books, our PVSP Naturals Treatment Guide leads you through a four-step process of neurological programming to treat eczema.  Our process is proven and guaranteed to function more quickly and more fully than any other product.  The process works through the combination of the four elements with the use of the miracle oil, which will give you the key to unlock the self-healing capacity of the human skin.  The secret to the process is an ancient type of knowledge known in India as Vedanta or Ayurveda.  The process has been tested in a fully controlled environment and is guaranteed to treat your condition within 90 days.  If for any reason our product does not treat your eczema, you will receive a full refund as well as a free 10-minute consultation from the founder herself.


Benefits of PVSP Naturals:

Empowers women with skin problems, giving them ancient non-Western secrets to heal themselves.

Proven and guaranteed to treat eczema more quickly than any other product.

Restores a sense of self-worth in the patient.

Creates a positive aroma.

May treat depression, anxiety, and mental illness.

Attractive and confidence-building.

The subliminal message of the aroma is empowering to women.

A great addition to your decor.

Miracle Oil & Treatment Guide

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