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PVSP Naturals

Incense Blocks

Positive Vibrant Smudging Power.

Here at PVSP Naturals we continuously create premium products of quality for you. Our incense is made from organic plants and herbs from local and trusted vendors. Our incense blocks are created by hand one at a time making each one unique and special. We are located in Amherst MA, USA


Organic ceylon cinnamon, organic essential oil of cinnamon, organic essential oil of cedarwood.


1. Hold incense block horizontally and ignite corner.

2. Blow on tip to make it smolder.

4. If tip burns out, let cool before relighting.

5. Place upright on heat-safe surface away from anything flammable, such as curtains, paper products, etc.

6. Allow aroma to cleanse your space and fill it with peace.

7. Ash is non-toxic. You can wash it down the sink or put it in the trash.

Cinnamon & Cedarwood Incense Blocks

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